Things You Need To Do In Kihei

It is an excellent opportunity to travel to a beautiful Hawaiian Islands – Kihei. It is important to use each and every small chance to discover a fabulous holiday. You can indulge in several activities in Kihei. It can be taking surf lessons, exploring about the Humpback Whales, involving arts classes, sightseeing, and much more. Here in this blog, we will be sharing some best activities you should do in Kihei.

Humpback whale sanctuary: It is created in the Hawaiian Islands by the United States congress in the year 1992. The Humpback whale national sanctuary focus to safeguard their Hawaiian habitat and the Humpback Whales of North Pacific region. The sanctuary is completely protected. It consists of shallow waters. It surrounds the entire Hawaiian Islands.

In Kihei, there is an excellent learning center. It is a place you should definitely visit. You can explore about Humpback whale outreach, education and indulge in resource guard activities. The sanctuary visitor center is remodeled and looks new. The visitors can enter from Monday to Friday 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM. The visitors can watch permanent and temporary exhibits about Entangles Whales, Marine and Coral Reefs life, whale songs, Water Sheds, Native Hawaiian culture and paints, the ko’ie’ie Fishpond, climate and weather change and more.

Friday Town Party:
The fourth Friday town party in Kihei is highly famous. The residents and visitors are invited to visit the Kihei fourth Friday town parties. It will take place once in a month and considered as a special day for the visitors and residents. If you are looking for night activities, you will definitely enjoy this community event. It is an activity where you can enjoy with your loved ones, families and friends.

Every month, the visitors can enjoy local shopping and food vendors, guest speakers, a live artist show, kid’s event, dancing, music and much more. The entertainment will be different and new every month. This way, the visitors seeing every time will get a fresh note. There is no chance for them to get bored. The event is always fun and super engaging. The Friday Town Party is situated at Azeka Shopping Center. The entry is free for all ages. The event mostly being around 6.00 P.M.

It takes throughout the island every week. You need to visit Kihei during fourth Fridays, and other Fridays at other islands.

Maui Brewery Tours and Tasting Room
Maui brewing company is a popular company in Kihei. They produce the best ecofriendly material. They obtain the grains from the local farmers. They will send the remaining grains to farms for compost and feed. The company has been serving the public since 2005. Maui brewing company sell wholesale and inaugurated famous brewpub in the Kahana. Recently, the company has established latest tasting room and brewing in Kihei. The visitors can learn about the materials used, the entire brewing process and taste the fresh brew. They can even taste seasonal beers like Lorenzini Double IPA, the Mana Wheat, Coconut Porter, Big Swell IPA and the Bikni Blonde.

The Maui brewery’s tasting room is open from 11.00 A.M to 10.00 PM every day. It is the best way to experience the island’s drink and food culture. The guest can participate seven days in a week at their preferred timings.

Surfing lessons for the beginners
In Maui, Kihei is an excellent area where you can learn surfing. No matter, if you are surfing for the first time. You can easily learn the sport with the help of experienced surfers. The weather and environment is typically calm and remains favorable for learning the sport. Apart from this, you can also learn other water sports from the trainers. The surf lesson is available in form of private lessons, semi private lessons and group lessons. The course will cover training the basics, gear and surfboard rentals, ocean safety information and direct involvement in the ocean.

In Kihei, the ocean status is mellow. It is becoming popular for SUP that is stand up peddling lessons. The training session will be one hour and thirty minutes. You have to obtain booties, rash guard usage and SUP equipment rentals. The sessions are available in form of private, group and semigroup forms. As students get the footing position, they can easily start to sweep the ocean in quick time.

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